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What’s been going on at Miracle Mile Manor?

Glad you asked! Here at Miracle Mile Manor, we are happy to see the world opening back up, but we are still making sure we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

Sign in, temperature checks, sanitizer, and a mask — it’s all still part of our daily check-in process for all visitors at Miracle Mile Manor. For family or medical professionals, we’re all following the same protocols because the health and wellness of our patients is our number one priority. 

Something everyone’s excited about here at Miracle Mile Manor is booster shots! Yes, we are thrilled that it’s booster time, and we are making sure our residents and healthcare workers are first in line in getting their COVID-19 booster shots. We’re lucky to have registered nurses coming straight to our front door to administer the shots, just as they did for our vaccines. 

At Miracle Mile Manor, we provide compassionate care and listen to our residents’ wants and needs in order to bring them health, happiness, and the best quality of life. We’re happy to report many of our residents have had a full recovery from their conditions while under our care and were able to return home safely.

Now, on to some fun stuff!

Our residents have been enjoying cuisine from around the world! All our staff takes pride in their culture and gets to share a little history lesson during dinner. From homemade Middle Eastern Kabob to Vietnamese Pho on a chilly Los Angeles night, our residents love it all. 

One of our favorite activities here at Miracle Mile Manor is being out in our private yard and gardening together. We have been encouraging our residents to spend more time outside, not just because of COVID-19, but because it is also proven to be a great mood lifter — not to mention the benefits of the sunny SoCal weather! It’s been such a great activity for our residents to plant the seeds and watch them grow throughout this last season. The time and attention our residents and staff put into gardening have yielded some yummy treats — okra, watermelon, the juiciest tomatoes, and bushels of fresh herbs like cilantro, dill, and basil. We made sure to incorporate all of our home-grown success into our menus for the month.

Other great outdoor activities include daily walks, where we name and smell the types of flowers in the neighborhood — it’s one of our residents’ favorite activities too! We also encourage, when weather permits, games to be played outside. After all, is there anything sweeter than a game of Rummy on a warm day to lift your spirits?

Mental health is a top priority for us here at Miracle Mile Manor. When family visits were only permitted on the other side of the glass window, we knew how important it was to keep our residents’ spirits high. Socializing is so important to keep us connected and happy. During that time, we started new practices that have now become some of our daily activities that engage and lift the moods of our residents. From taking turns reading out loud, sing-along marathons, and listening to a live piano concert to intriguing chats about history and travel, there’s never a dull moment at Miracle Mile Manor. While the pandemic and quarantine have been hard on all of us, we learned a lot about being together, entertaining each other, and staying mentally strong. We’re certainly putting our learnings to good use.

We’re so happy to see things changing in a positive direction in the outside world. But of course, here at Miracle Mile Manor, we are still operating with a high level of caution. Masks are required, temperatures are taken at the door, and routine tests are still being done. If any of our residents exhibit any symptoms, we take matters very seriously.

Miracle Mile Manor is, and always has been, about safety first. But we don’t let that get in the way of having fun, staying connected, and enjoying great food and even better company.

We are so happy to have our family and friends back to visit us but we are here to remind you to take care of yourself and stay home if you do not feel well. 

Is it cliché to say that miracles happen at MMM? Because they do!

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